Relocation of industrial machines

Is your company moving to a new location soon? Has a rearrangement of the machinery been planned? Then you can rely on us to move the machines. We move heavy equipment as if it were nothing. Thanks to our experience in all types of hoisting work, we can also easily assist companies in both external and internal machine relocations. Industrial relocations: we love it!

Sectors we can assist


Machine relocations from A to Z

There are many things to consider when relocating a company. We want to unburden companies when it comes to relocating their machines. A good (de)briefing of all necessary steps is the foundation of a smooth machine relocation. How big and heavy are the machines? Do we use high weight equipment in confined spaces?


After performing a task risk analysis and a last minute risk analysis, we map everything out. By the way, did you know that you can also call on us for machine transport, both nationally and internationally.

More than just moving machines

Our industrial relocation activities go beyond simply moving a machine. MCT Moving is equally active in complete turn-key projects and relocations. When installing a new production line, we may put our experts in mechanical and electrical installations at your disposal.

loading and unloading

placing and moving



sledging and tilting

Planning to relocate? Let us help you!