Disassembly, assembly, manipulation and installation of machines

Machines and employees are the beating hearts of many companies. We do not treat them lightly. We dismantle and assemble your machines with the greatest care. Naturally, as a VCA-certified company, we respect all the rules in doing so. No details are overlooked.

With years of experience in the industrial assembly and relocation market, you will find a reliable partner in us. A solid team of employees, in front of and behind the scenes, also plan and carry out your project down to the last detail. This way, we make the assembly, disassembly, manipulation and installation of your machines a success!

Examples of (dis)assembly of machines

electrical and mechanical assemblies

(dis)assembly of production units

disassembly and set-up the machine after relocation

preparation for machine transport

Rigging company par excellence

Smart rigging and hoisting. For us, rigging means thorough preparation and meticulous execution of a plan where safety comes first. Our team of professionally trained riggers has the know-how and works with state-of-the-art hoisting equipment.

Move or transport

You can also call on us to move machines. With our (electric) pick & carry cranes, forklift trucks, mobile cranes and hydraulic hoisting devices, .... we move every machine with millimetre precision.

We are looking forward to it. Contact us below!