Telescopic crane rental

With us, you can rent telescopic cranes with various towing capacities. In other words : regardless of your sector and the type of hoisting work you need to do, you can rent a telescopic crane from us.

Which telescopic crane is the best option for you?

Unless you know very specifically which telescopic crane you want to rent, we prefer a different approach. Give us a description of the project and we can advise you. Depending on the required hoisting capacity and the site environment, we will choose the appropriate telescopic crane for you. Because good agreements make good friends, a possible preliminary evaluation at the site is part of our service.

I want to rent a telescopic crane: now what?

Dispatching and planning with the required flexibility. The result: a fast execution of the hoisting assignment. Short or long term assignments ... for us it doesn’t matter... towing is towing and towing is our passion... Our experienced riggers and operators evaluate the working environment on site and then carry out the work assignment flawlessly.

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