Rental of truck-mounted crane or mobile craner

Particularly suitable for high-precision hoisting and manoeuvring. The crane is mounted on a truck chassis, which means it is mobile, flexible and quickly operational.

So if you need a truck-mounted crane or a mobile crane, rent one from MCT Kranen. We will help you with advice and guidance. 360° swivelling capacity, hoisting capacity, reach,... We advise you on the most suitable truck-mounted crane for your type of hoisting operation at the best price conditions.

Extra info about our truck-mounted cranes

When using a truck-mounted crane on a hard surface, there is no need for extra driving plates. The combination of a hard surface and the pressure distribution of the truck-mounted crane provides sufficient stability. For softer surfaces, MCT Craning provides driving plates.


Our certified operators/drivers operate the crane by radio, i.e. they can provide assistance on the work floor.

What to do with a truck-mounted crane?

Because of its mobility, a mobile crane is the obvious choice for external handling. But because of its short basic boom, it is also ideally suited for internal handling. Production hall, machine manipulation, industrial relocations, ...


Need a truck-mounted crane and possibly transport? No problem. Both activities in one combination. Horizontal and vertical transport. A complete logistical and economic solution.

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