Renting a mini crane or pick and carry crane

You rent a mini crane when you need the best of both worlds. A compact crane with a high capacity for hoisting and lifting in a limited space and height. Heavy loads and limited space? Bingo, then you'd better rent a mini crane.

How to decide which crane to rent?

Leave that to us. Give us a call and we will ask you some specific questions. What follows is the best execution scenario. Important factors to consider are: type of space, surface, required lifting capacity, ...

We know which mini crane we want to rent: now what’s next?

We are on our way! Our drivers are trained by the manufacturers of the pick and carry cranes. Moreover, they all possess the required operational and safety certificates. Our pick and carry cranes are fitted with non-marking tyres, which means that they cannot leave any tracks on the work floor. Pick & Carry cranes: the solution to industrial removals and

Crane rented, now what’s next?

MCT is renowned for its excellent service! In the case of more complex requests, we will visit you to evaluate the situation beforehand. Our mobile, compact, electric indoor cranes can be operated from the cabin or from a distance. A pick & carry crane is a "multi-tasker": hoisting while moving a hooked load.

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